Bellingham Metal Arts Guild

... a newly formed non-profit guild
                   created by and for lovers of the metal arts.
Community Outreach

"The Bellingham Metal Arts Guild (BMAG) in partnership with the Mt Baker Rock and Gem Club will provide jewelry and other items made by our members to registered local 501 (3)(c) organizations other than those that are religious or politically based.  These items are available free of charge to use for fund raising events by your organization.  To request a donation from BMAG please send an email to us at  In the subject line please include "donation request" so we can route your request to our volunteer working this project.  Please allow at least 30 days prior to your event when you would like to use the piece(s) we may provide to you."


We Wish to Thank
Northwest Recycling
for being a proud sponser of Bellingham Metal Arts Guild