Bellingham Metal Arts Guild

... a non-profit guild
                   created by and for lovers of the metal arts.
Founding Members
Ryan Albachten
Lauretta Bell
Sheri Clark
Dan Coombs
Kay Eichacker
Helen Epstein Wutzke
Karen Espeland
Barbara Fasser
Diane Frumerie
Carly Garnaas
Hali Garnaas
David Greig
Nancy Heille
Jess Iverson
Jim Jenkins
Janice Landin
Shelly McIlroy
Kay Ogren
Bohdanna Shmotolokha
Sharon Stafford
Grace Villareal-Bob
Charlene Waters
Susi Wight
Kathleen Yorston

About Us


The Bellingham Metal Arts Guild (BMAG) exists as a non-profit, community based membership organization for people with varied skill levels and interests in the metal arts. It provides a forum for the appreciation of and involvement in the diverse field of metal arts through educational activities such as lectures, demonstrations, classes, and guest workshops.


BMAG seeks to offer members and our surrounding community an avenue to broaden their creative pursuits by striving to:

  • Give encouragement through collaborative interaction in a studio setting;
  • Provide educational opportunities through classes, workshops, lectures, and discussion groups;
  • Create a forum to increase awareness of the metal arts through supporting community human services with art involvement; and
  • Develop the opportunity for member artists to show and sell work in a gallery setting.

BMAG is committed to facilitating communication and enhancing engagement between other art organizations and their stakeholders in Bellingham and surrounding communities.

Bellingham Metal Arts Guild (BMAG) is located in the Harbor Mall at:

2620 North Harbor Loop Dr., Suite #6, Bellingham, WA 98225

Register or visit us online at:

Email us at:


Bellingham Metal Arts Guild is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting the Metal Arts in our community through educational classes, workshops, lectures & more at our educational studio/facility. Free parking, handicap accessible.